Academic Scholarships USA

Can you get an Academic, Performing Arts, or Visual Arts Scholarship to a University in the USA? 

Yes! If you are finishing high-school soon and wondering whether University in the USA could be a good choice for you but you do not know whether it's viable financially, then contact us now and we will give you a FREE assessment on the different options that you have available to you.  

Why study in the USA?

The education system in the USA is full of thousands of universities, many of which rank among the best in the world.   It provides a tremendous amount of choice for its students in the way of majors/degrees and caters for a large and diverse student-body of varying academic levels.   It boasts the finest facilities and support programs available to students to be found in any other country and students studying there get to enjoy a once in a life time experience over the course of four years. 

What will Play Atlantic do for you?

Give you a FREE assessment when you contact us on the following:

  1. The chances of you gaining an Academic, Performing Arts or Visual Arts Scholarship.
  1. The likely type of university that you could be granted a scholarship to.
  1. Provide you with an estimate on the amount of financial scholarship that you are likely to receive and the total cost that you are likely to pay per year.

Once we have done your initial assessment and you wish to proceed with signing up to our Academic/Arts Package you will receive the following:

  • A professional advisor that will be appointed to you who will guide you through the whole university process from start to finish.
  • Advice and guidance on the academic requirements that need to be completed and processed in order to be eligible. Making sure no deadlines are missed.
  • We will provide you with the resources that you need to study on each of the required academic exams.
  • We are also able to provide recommendations on experts in helping to achieve the best exam results possible.
  • Play Atlantic will negotiate on your behalf with the universities in regards to the financial scholarship that you can receive. Since 2003 we have formed relationships with thousands of universities international and scholarship departmental staff and we can therefore ensure that all of our clients receive the best possible financial package that is available to them.
  • A full detailed report highlighting the universities that you are eligible for and how much financial aid you are entitled to will be sent to you.  The report will also consist of information on each of these universities on areas such as their total financial cost per year, specific facts on the university and its student body and the demographics on the universities location.
  • Your advisor will help you complete one initial application form (date dependent) for all of the universities that have been agreed upon. This  will save you many hours of filling in endless university applications forms online!
  • Your advisor will guide you through the visa process and also recommend the best health insurance companies and airlines to use.

What we need from you

When you contact us we initially need the following:

  1. Your full name
  1. Contact details
  1. Current level of education (eg High school year...)
  1. The country you have studied in.
  1. Information on your Academic / Performing Arts / Visual Arts experience

Once we receive this information one of our advisors will contact you and discuss your options with you over the phone. There will be other additional information that we will need in order for us to make an accurate initial assessment.