How much will my Sports Scholarship cover?

This is not an easy question to answer because there are so many different factors involved in this. The scholarship offers that college coaches can give students vary considerably from 0-100% and things like your academic GPA, SAT scores, Toefl (if you need one), current sporting standard, past results, ranking, style of play and most importantly your aspirations on the type of university you want to go to are all very important factors in us giving you an accurate answer.

It's important to realise that what the sports scholarship covers should not be your main focus. The quality of your education, athletic programme, college location and relationship with your future college coach are a few things that you should be focussing more on.

Areas that a sports scholarship could potentially cover however, are for things like your college tuition, room and board, books, living expenses, equipment and clothing costs.

what does a sports scholarship cover