Why Study In The USA?

The university system in the USA is the most popular higher education destination anywhere in the world. In fact over 30% (500,000) of all International students worldwide choose to study in the USA every year. 

harvard sign

Why is it so popular?

  • The reputation and quality of the institutions are so strong that not only will students leave with a fantastic education but they will also be more attractive to future employers.  
  • With international reputations american colleges not only attract the best students but also the best teaching staff from around the world. It’s no surprise then why former students have now become hugely successful experts in their fields and are leading the way in so many different industries around the world.
  • A broad and diverse range of degree programmes on offer with innovative and encapsulating approaches to bringing the best out of its students.
  • The choice that students have is also unparalleled compared to institutions in other countries. Students have such an array of choice at universities throughout the US that they can base their final decision on where to study on anything from the universities location; size; student-body; male/female ratio; degree programs on offer; type of institution (private, public, national, liberal arts); tuition fees; sports program and facilities.
  • In the sports arena like the academics the U.S institutions are head and shoulders above the rest. College sport is a huge business with billions of dollars accumulated each year from TV and merchandising rights and ticket sales (to name a few) by the NCAA. Football and basketball games are shown to a worldwide audience, so the fact that $2.7 billion has been paid by ESPN and FOX to show the newly formed PAC-12 conference games is a great indicator of just how big college sport in the US has become. With the total television agreements of all the college conferences (31 in total) now being more lucrative financially than that received by both the NBA and the NHL combined each year.
  • The sports and academic scholarships that students can receive for both academic and athletic excellence is another great reason to study in the USA. Universities are able to award scholarships in a variety of different areas, from sports, academics, to performaing arts and visual arts and this is a huge pull for students weighing up their choices.  The cost of these college sports scholarships is huge and should not be underestimated!
  • Student-athletes at universities in the US find themselves surrounded by world class facilities, coaches, a fantastic competition structure and a four-year experience second to none.

So with last years spending on sports scholarships given to student-athletes alone amounting to over a billion US dollars, coupled with the significantly increased tuition fees at universities around the world and the opportunities students can have, it is little wonder why so many students are choosing the USA.