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Date: September 15 2015

TPC Sawgrass Tournament

I had a mixed tournament scoring 81, 77 and 73. One bad, one average, one good, and came 52 out of 78. It is a very hard and long course so overall I think a good tournament and wonderful experience. On the course we met Scott Shroeder from UNF, Bryce Wallor from UCF, Chad from Iowa (assistant coach to Andrew Tank), JC Deacon from UF, Bowen Sargent from University of Virginia. Bryce said his Uni was the 2nd biggest in USA, having 60000 students,  8 players on their roster and only 50 years old. We met parents and players who had many opinions on Uni’s, coaches, programs.

Date: April 20 2015

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Date: March 26 2015

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Date: December 12 2014

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Date: December 03 2014

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Date: November 19 2014

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Date: September 30 2014

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Date: September 18 2014

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Date: September 15 2014

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Date: September 09 2014

This weeks pre-college blog comes from golf player  Kyra Alexander