NCAA rules on transferring from one university to another

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If you are either an international student that has already started university in your home country, or whether you are currently enrolled in an american university, if for whatever reason you would to transfer to a different university it's important that you understand that it is possible but there are a host of NCAA rules that you should be aware of.

Over the years we've helped a large number of students transfer for a range of reasons, with the main ones being because the student either...

  • Has decided to change their Major and their current university does not have it.
  • Wants a better level of competition that what they had previously at their domestic university
  • Needs more sports or academic scholarship funding.
  • Was not eligible to compete initially in a higher division due to NCAA eligibility issues.
  • Fell out with the university coach
  • Was not mature enough at 18yrs old to go abroad, but is now ready.
  • Was not being developed well enough in their national training set-up
  • Found the training and matches too high a level at their current university

Basically if you can think of a reason why someone would want to transfer, we've heard it and probably helped someone with it!

But what are the rules for transferring and can anyone do it?

Well, as much as I'd love to tell you it's an easy process and anyone can do it, that's not strictly the case because it very much depends on your individual circumstances.  For some students that have done all the necessary academic credits whilst at university and have maintained their eligibility athletically, it is pretty straight forward and just requires the signing of a few transfer documents from one university to the other.  

However for a lot of students it is not as simple and requires some thorough investigation.  I've included the latest NCAA transfer rules and regulations here so you can see for yourself how indepth it actually is.  

For students that come to us for help with this process we have to evaluate them on a case-by-case basis so just like if you are an incoming freshman straight out of high school, we'll need you to complete one of our free profiles first.

ncaa transfer rules and regulations

Good luck! :)


By Sheridan Adams