Nick Forrester's Pre Season Blog


My name is Nick Forrester and I have just started my first semester at Butler University competing on the Men’s Soccer team in the Big East.
I came into the recruiting process relatively late after delaying my decision to attend university in America until very late in the piece. After knowing Jo Dawkins and his success in North America, I decided to use Play Atlantic Soccer to assist my recruiting process. We initially targeted January 2015 as the optimum time for me to go over, however after a little over a week Jo had been able to secure offers from multiple Division One schools, one in particular wanting me to start this August.

Whilst on a recent family vacation Jo was able to secure two official visits for me. This was extremely helpful in helping me make my decision as it allowed me to see the campus, meet the coaching staff and players and get a real feel for what the school is all about.

After over 24 hours of travelling I finally arrived in my new home, Indianapolis Indiana. Pre-season had already begun and within hours of arriving I was fully decked out in Butler gear and watching my new team-mates train.

Nick Forrester Pre Season.jpg

Pre-season went by in a whirlwind. It’s an exciting time with two-a-day trainings, intense fitness sessions as well as lots of time spent on the ball. It’s physically demanding and at times can be tough but the carrot at the end of it is being physically and mentally prepared to play at NCAA Division One level.

Starting school has been great. Butler is a very small school, and so class sizes are very small typically around 20-25 students. For me this has been very helpful as I have already, in the four short weeks I have been at Butler, been able to talk to and build personal relationships with my professors.

The fall season has begun and we are well into it. In a little over 2 weeks we have played six games, visited 3 states and played teams from 5 different conferences. We were able to win my first College Tournament the ‘Ohio State Bert and Weinstein Classic’ which was a great feeling. Going into overtime 3 times has taken its toll on our team physically but that is what you do all the hard work in preseason for!

I have enjoyed my time in America so far immensely and I look forward to both the rest of the season and the semester. Hopefully we can put some good performances together in the Big EAST conference and potentially get a spot in the NCAA National Tournament First Round. First things first we have a game midweek against our massive in-state rivals Indiana University. Wish us luck!