Official Visit Guidelines

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During your senior year in high school (for Men’s Basketball after January first of your junior year), you may accept official (expense-paid) visits to the colleges and universities of your choice.  An official visit is one that is financed in whole or in part by the institution you are visiting.

To protect your future eligibility as an intercollegiate student-athlete, you should be aware of the following NCAA rules and Big Ten Conference rules concerning official visits:

  1. You may receive only one official visit to a particular campus and a total of no more than five such visits.
  2. Your official visit cannot last longer than 48 hours from the time you are first entertained (e.g., meal) off-campus or arrive on campus until you leave the campus
  3. You may not be transported more than thirty miles from the campus you are visiting.
  4. You must be returned to your overnight accommodations no later than 1 AM unless the recruiting coach has determined an earlier curfew time.
  5. You may receive up to three complimentary admissions to a home athletic event in which the institution’s team is competing.  These admissions are for the exclusive use by you and up to two of your guests.  The complimentary admissions must be issued through a pass list.  No hard copy tickets will be issued.  A photo ID will be required for admission.
  6. You may have a student host to accompany you during your visit.  This student host may have up to $40 per day to entertain you and your parents or legal guardians.  This money may not be used to purchase T-shirts, souvenirs, etc.
  7. You may not have contact with boosters during your visit.  If an unplanned meeting occurs, only an exchange of greeting is permissible.
  8. If you are staying in a hotel room, the University of Illinois will pay for the cost of the room and applicable taxes.  You are responsible for any and all incidental expenses, such as telephone calls, pay-per-view movies, etc.  These incidental expenses must be paid prior to departure.
  9. You may participate in physical workouts during a visit to campus provided such activities: a) are not initiated, organized or observed by members of the University of Illinois coaching staff, and b) are not designed to test your athletic abilities.  You must use your own apparel and equipment during such activities.
  10. You must abide by all federal, state and local laws.
  11. Please remember the following activities are strictly prohibited: 
  12. The purchase and/or use of any illegal drugs or narcotic
  13. The attending, arranging or viewing of any kind of adult entertainmen
  14. Gambling activities of any kin
  15. Sexual activities of any kind
  16. Consumption, purchase or offering of alcohol