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Date: December 13 2013

Great blog article from Jessica Nesbitt on her recent field hockey visit to Kent State University...

Date: October 14 2013

Ryan Henderson writes about his second semester at Eastern Illinois University.

Date: September 10 2013

Last month we had twelve students starting university in the USA. I am happy to say each one is doing well and settling into college life.

Date: July 22 2013

Tom Sizeland talks about his first year at Coker College playing in the college tennis team...

Date: June 24 2013

How good do you need to be to play college soccer and what can I expect if I get a soccer scholarship?

Date: June 20 2013

Making a good college recruitment video is essential if you want to get recruited on a college sports scholarship!

Date: June 19 2013

When should a student start the process of trying to find a college sports scholarship?

Date: June 13 2013

What are all of the costs involved in finding a college sports scholarship?

Date: June 06 2013

Want more information on transferring from your current university to another to play college sport?

Date: May 27 2013

There is one particular aspect about America that I never really thought about before I actually went there. I didn't really think about slang and how different parts of America have different accents and dialect...