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Date: May 02 2013

One of the concerns that most prospective student athletes have is about money...

Date: April 10 2013

During your senior year in high school (for Men’s Basketball after January first of your junior year), you may accept official (expense-paid) visits to the colleges and universities of your choice.

Date: April 03 2013

I'm sure that most of you have some kind of email address, Facebook page, or Twitter account. Perhaps you may even have all three!

Date: April 02 2013

Good enough for College Tennis? Want to know where you could go and what you can expect?

Date: March 21 2013

A great way to get involved at your college, meet new people, and even make new friends is to...

Date: March 14 2013

The SAT exam is getting a makeover soon!

Date: February 21 2013

College rivalries are part of of the whole college experience, but which ones are the biggest?

Date: February 11 2013

Going to America on a sports scholarship is a great opportunity that allows you to compete in your sport while having your...

Date: January 15 2013

One of the toughest challenges that you will face while you are in America at college is homesickness...

Date: December 03 2012

I am sure that you all have a favourite celebrity that you would do anything to meet. Personally, I have a few favourites that I would love to meet or even see in person!