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Date: August 15 2012

Going to America is an exciting and, for most of you, a new experience that you will never forget.

Date: August 14 2012

Preparing yourself for your university career can have many different aspects that you will have to consider in order to meet...

Date: August 10 2012

I had never really thought about the division between the North and South in America until I actually got there and experienced it....

Date: August 08 2012

Are you a student heading to America? Would you like to maximise your “American College Experience” by getting involved...

Date: August 06 2012

There are many factors that you will want to consider when you are deciding on what college to go to in America.

Date: August 01 2012

A full university year in America runs from August until May. This means that from May, you will have three months break before starting...

Date: July 30 2012

Before you start the process of looking at universities in America and applying to different places, you need to first understand...

Date: July 27 2012

When thinking about what kind of university you would like to go to in America, you should take into consideration the size of a university. Would you like to go to a large university with lots of people, or would you rather go to a smaller, more intimate university? 

Date: July 20 2012

This is a true story about my arrival in America. The lesson I learnt from it is to always be prepared and to expect the unexpected.

Date: July 19 2012

A great thing about being part of a collegiate athletics team is that you become such a close group of friends that you will keep...