General Introduction

Play Atlantic provides a competitive edge to students wishing to fulfill their dream.

The internships program is made for American applicants who would like to gain a work experience in New Zealand. Due to our knowledge of internships and students, we are able to provide you with the best possible assistance, support and guidance from the very beginning until the end of your internship. Finding a good match between you and a company is our main goal.

New Zealand is an amazing country with various cultures, activities and is of seismic beauty. With glacial mountains, fast-flowing rivers for fantastic rafting, clear lakes super for kite surfing, hissing geysers to boil an egg, native forests where wild kiwi’s can be found, long beautiful beaches where you will get a tan in just 10 minutes and a number of vigorous outdoor activities like surfing, hiking, skiing, diving, whale watching and, of course, the Kiwi favorites “bungee jumping"!

Internships in a foreign country offer benefits beyond professional development. An internship in New Zealand presents an independent opportunity to be completely immersed within the culture and work environment. Learning from native New Zealanders provides an intimate view into the true beauty of the culture and customs. Being an intern in New Zealand lends a real-world understanding of countries rich in culture.

Do you want to gain experience in a foreign country? Go to New Zealand, jump into your career and become a student down under! 

New Zealand package

To make your stay and internship period in New Zealand comfortable and well prepared, we offer you a complete package.

What’s included in the internship package:

  • Arrangement of the internship
  • Orientation course at our office in Auckland
  • A New Zealand prepaid SIM-card for a mobile phone (no micro sim)
  • Social activities such as intern events
  • Assistance with permanent good accommodation
  • Personal help-desk during the internship & evaluations (optional)
  • Support with local bank account and 18+ card
  • Discounts for travel, car rental in New Zealand

Price is: $995.00 USD

Internships are not restricted to university dates. They can be arranged at any time of the year and for numerous durations starting from 4 weeks. Doing your internship abroad is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable career and international experience, all in one program. You are immersed in the host country through a carefully selected internship site and, in many cases via the living arrangements.

We  take pride in knowing our interns are looked after and comfortable when making the transition into living and working in a foreign country.

Our care and excellent internship service will be apparent from your initial contact with us. We also have a step by step process in placing our interns within their desired internship field. Once we have received your complete application, we immediately start searching for a suitable internship. With contacts in every career industry, we are most of the times able to find an internship within your field of interest. After an internship has been found and verified, we provide support with obtaining a visa, flights, insurance, accommodation, and answering any questions you might have.

We provide work opportunities to both New Zealand and international students and young professionals.

Important Information:

Please find below important information to consider before signing up for our program.

  • Food, living expenses/accommodation, flights & travel expenses are not included.
  • Internships are unpaid
  • Internships take between 4-26 weeks
  • Visa fees are not include
  • Internships can be part of a degree
  • Internships can also be done if you are not enrolled with a University
  • Internships can be done when you just would like to gain experience
  • Age restriction is between 18-30 years of age

Things to know

Imagine how lonely and frightening it can be to arrive at a new place, in a different country. You don’t know where to go and nobody is there to help you…

That’s why we are here! Safety and reliability is what we stand for. We will offer you more than just a quality internship. Good accommodation, social contacts, and much more..

Flight ticket

Unfortunately, New Zealand is a long way from home and it will cost you some time to get there. But it'll be worth it, no worries! We will help you with good & affordable tickets.


You must hold medical and travel insurance for the length of your stay. Check with your current insurance if you are covered while doing an internship in New Zealand.


You don’t need any vaccinations when going to New Zealand.

Drivers license

If you hold a drivers license, we recommend that you buy an international drivers license at your local post office or office that provides these documents. Having an international drivers license will save you a lot of paperwork when something happens overseas.


New Zealand offers you great transport possibilities. When you decide to travel you can use the public transport or organized tours. Some students decide to buy a car. Cars are not expensive down under and you can sell your car easily for the same amount after your period down under.


New Zealand is a country with great opportunities, a lovely environment and friendly people. No wonder you’d like to go there to do your internship! The only problem is that New Zealand is not familiar with the concept internship. That’s where we come in. We are specialized in assisting students get the most out of their experience abroad.

Field of companies

In New Zealand, you can find the same type of companies as in the States. Here are some fields of companies where most of our current students work in:

• Marketing companies (market researches)
• Hotels (three, four and five star)
• Tourism companies (travel and recreation)
• Information technology corporations
• Governmental organizations (mainly big organizations)
• Non for profit organizations
• Educational institutions
• Small, medium and large sized businesses.

Types of internships

• Marketing & Communication internships
• Hospitality, Tourism, Sport & recreation internships
• Education internships
• Computer science & IT internships
• Agriculture internships
• Business and Law internships
• Science & environmental internships
• Art film and broadcasting internships

Application Process

Our application process is designed to be efficient and effective for our applicants. We require a cover letter, resume and photo.

Step 1: Financial

Have you saved up enough money to go abroad?

Step 2: Sign Up

Sign up by sending across your details to our team at and we will have a look at your CV and application letter. If you desire we will schedule a Skype or phone meeting. This gives you the opportunity to express your personal goals for your internship, university requirements (if necessary) and your desired internship time period.

Step 3: Deposit

If all files have been received, we require you to pay a deposit, which secures us to start our search for you. The deposit will be refunded in case no placement has been found (minus a 50 USD admin fee)

Step 4: Placement

With your personal (university) requirements we will start looking for an internship. Once we have found a possible match we will set up a Skype or phone interview between you and the employer. If both are happy, then there is a match

Step 5: Preparation & Arrival

Your internship in New Zealand has been approved! Now, all you have to do is get yourself to New Zealand. No worries, our experienced team members will guide you through the process.