Play Atlantic Recruit of the Week - Luc Anderson

Luc is a National U18 New Zealand Tennis Player who will graduate this year and is looking to attend a top American University in Fall 2016

Luc is 17 years old and lives in Auckland, New Zealand. He is in his final year at Kings College while studying hard for Cambridge International, looking to obtain a degree in Commerce. He is a National New Zealand Tennis Player with a S4 Singles ranking, in a high performance tennis program at Wilson Tennis Academy.


In 2013 Luc won the Junior Caro Bowl finals, becoming Aucklands's Top Junior Tennis Team during a seven-round competition run. 

In his scarce spare time he plays the alto saxophone, specialising in Jazz. International saxophonist Nathan Haines has been mentoring Luc, who has had leading roles in playing in various bands for Kings College. 

Luc believes that studying in the USA will make a difference to his future, opening opportunities that will not only foster his sporting career, but also his musical and academic future. 

Here’s some footage of Luc in Action!