Presentations Galore!

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It has been a very busy week here at Play Atlantic with Charlie and Jo giving presentations at a hosts of schools and sports clubs on the North Shore. The week started with a presentation at Rangitoto College. This was a great opportunity for us to reach out to student athletes at the largetst school in New Zealand. 

Rangi.jpg Rangitoto.jpg

The next presentation was at Westlake Boys High School. We aleady represent a number of students at Westlake Boys who are looking to find sports scholarships to the US. This was a veyr well attended presentation and gave us the opportunity to answer any questiosn that students and their parents had about the Us sport scholarship pathway. 

Westlake Boys.jpg

The final presentation of the week was a Three Kings United Football Club. Three Kings United has over 2000 registered players, with over 100 junior teams, 70 youth teams and 20 senior teams, making it the largest football club within New Zealand. This again was a well attended presentation and gave players the chance to hear about Jo personal experience of played college soccer. 

Three Kings.jpg

We hope to be holding many more presenations like these so look about for advertisements on our website if you are interested in attending one!.