Update from South Carolina

Play Atlantic,

I’m just touching base with you guys to let you know how my college career is going. 

I am beginning to wind down another busy semester at Coker College. So far our team has been traveling really well, we are 2-1 in the conference with the easier teams ahead. I began the season with a doubles record of 8-0 before losing 3 in a row to division 1 schools. My singles record has taken a hit this year as I have been playing #2 singles and went through a patch of losing 4 three setters in a row. Non-the less college tennis is a blast; you have to be up for every match you play. Our team is currently 4 -7 and should be 7-7 after our road trip this weekend; we are on the home stretch, and ready for conference finals!   

The tennis in the states is unbelievable. We have everything at our fingertips, coaching, strings, grips and shoes (just to name the basics).  We have been fortunate enough to have the beautiful weather in South Carolina hold up again for us this semester with only 4 rainy days this month! The tennis has been fantastic this year. Our Coach loves making us play the standard 20 hours a week and we are all improving each day. On a more scholarly note, my grades this year have been great. I made a 4.0 last semester and am on track for another one this semester. The New Zealand school system is a great pathway for getting ahead of most of the American students over here. Since I am at a smaller division 2 school, I have the ability to focus more on my tennis and grades without the pressure of always having to be on court and in the library. There is a definite advantage to being in a division 2 school, and this can only help ones social life! 

Coming back for my second season at Coker College has seen exciting times. As most college athletes will tell you, it’s a great way to experience different parts of America and visit different states while getting able to compete for your school and get an education. I can tell you that you have to be prepared to work for everything over here as everybody wants to be #1 so there’s a lot of competition. Your organizational skills are put to the test everyday to juggle practice, school, and some sort of a social life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Thanks again Play Atlantic!