We Are An NCAA Approved Recruiting Service


NCAA approved recruitment company

Last week I wrote an article on the rules and regulations set out by the NCAA on what college recruitment services like ours are allowed to do.  If you haven't read it yet and you're thinking about using one, I would highly recommend it because it tells you  the various regulations that we have to adhere to if we're not going to jeopardize any of our students future college eligibility.

New to this year the NCAA also introduced a very stringent compliance application for various sports on recruitment services (companies/ individuals/ coaches that help you in any way with marketing you to college coaches).  This process has now meant that American college coaches are only permitted to use services that are 100% compliant and who have been approved by the NCAA. 

After a lot of hard work by the team here it's great that we can now say that we have been APPROVED (process is specific to football & basketball only) and are on the classified NCAA approval list (for college coaches only). Now unfortunately we can't see the list to check other companies in Australasia because it's for NCAA coaches only, but we're pretty confident that we're one of the only ones to be approved from this part of the world which is great :)

The compliance regulations did however mean that we had to alter one of our packages slightly. The Free membership package was changed so that coaches can no longer see your profile and contact you directly :( Every student-athlete must now have a unique evaluation on their profile done by one of our professional Recruitment Coordinators before they can be seen by coaches.

So we've now added this feature onto our Certified membership (only $9.99pm), which means every Certified member will now get an athletic evaluation that college coaches can view. This is actually perfect from the college coaches perspective because we will doing a pre-scouting report for them and they have less students to search through. So therefore...

Saving coaches time + free evaluation + less students to view = More coaches viewing your profile online and contacting you! :D