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Play Atlantic Recruit of the Week - Michael Li

Michael is a National U18 Golfer, who graduated November 2014 and looking to attend a top American University in Spring 2016.

Michael is 18 years old and lives in Auckland, New Zealand. He began playing Golf at 5 years old and now competes at a National Level at a Handicap of 0.

His most notable achievement in the Men’s Open division is finishing tied for 3rd Place at the North Shore Classic on 24th May 2015, achieving +3 for the tournament. Michael also finished 2nd with a score of 72 in the Auckland Intercollegiate Championships.

Play Atlantic Recruit of the Week - Logan Hunt

Logan is a National U18 New Zealand Basketball Player, who will be graduating in December 2015 and looking to attend a top American University in August 2016.

Logan is in his final year at West Lake Boys High School and has competed as part of his schools Premier team for the last 4 years. Logan has been a great contribution to New Zealand Team, representing at Under 16 level along with being selected into the Under 17 and Under 18 squad's.

Logan's First Choice Position is Shooting Guard, and he has most recently been selected as a non travelling for New Zealand  U18 3x3 team to compete at the World Championships in Hungary.

Play Atlantic Class 2015

This Fall 2015, we have our greatest success rate of 15 students who have achieved Athletic Scholarships to Top American Universities. They are set to start their American aventure this August, and we wish them the best of luck!

Congratulations Ella, Winner of Tennis NZ and Play Atlantic Award 2015!

Congratulations to Ella Hassall who is the deserving winner of our partnership Tennis NZ and Play Atlantic Award for 2015!



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Since 2003 we have helped over 400 students study in the USA on college sports scholarships in states across America.  We have four package options available to you, starting with our FREE package and all tailored towards helping you find the perfect college USA sport scholarship for your needs. 

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