Baseball Scholarship to USA

College baseball scholarships to America are a fantastic way to continue your education whlist still playing and developing in the sport that you love to play.

Americans invest a massive amount of time and money into baseball and as a result it is well known for being one of their best loved sports. As a result of this  baseball scholarships to college are very difficult to obtain, especially for international students, because the demand is so high so only very good student-athlete can realistically hope to receive financial assistance.  

baseball bats

However for those good enough there are baseball scholarship opportunities out there at various different levels and they vary considerably depending on each players athletic and academic ability.  Student-athletes that have the better ranking/results (nationally and internationally) and have maintained higher academic grades receiving the larger athletics scholarship offers from college coaches.  In the NCAA Division one mens college Baseball programs, there are 11.7 full athletic scholarships per team to spread out amongst its team of 27 players, with amounts typically ranging from a full 100% to 25% in financial aid. 

For student athletes that do have good academic high school grades it may also be possible to receive an academic scholarship as well as a sports scholarship to help with the families financial commitment.  Please contact one of our Play Atlantic recruitment coordinators if you would like some advice on this area.