Crew/Rowing Scholarship to USA

Crew/rowing scholarships to the USA are a brilliant way for student athletes to continue developing in the sport that they love to compete in, whilst progressing with their education and earning a world class degree.

Rowing scholarships are very popular and sort after from students around the world so finding one is not an easy task.  The opportunity to receive a scholarship that can significantly contribute financially to that students four years at college is an exceptionally attractive option for students and their families, because as well as being able to receive a world class education it also provides these student-athletes with a fantastic opportunity to develop both physically and mentally in a team environment where they will be competing against some of the best rowers in the world.  

rowing scholarship usa

It is a once in a lifetime experience that gives high school students a pathway to not only develop as a person, but gives them a chance to travel across the USA and make new friends. 

The next step once a student graduates high school is always extremely hard, so having this option to study, train, compete and develop is a fantastic pathway for those fortunate enough to be able to pursue it.

Mens College Rowing Scholarships

Even though rowing is one of the oldest intercollegiate sports in America, it is currently not part of the NCAA for the men, who have always chosen not to join the association. They instead compete within the Intercolleagiate Rowing Association (IRA) Championships held every year and this is considered to be the national event for college rowing.  
Due to the mens rowing not belonging to the NCAA it is instead considered a club sport at college with very limited funding in the way of rowing scholarships for its student athletes.  Some financial funding is still possible but these are very rare and the student must be of a high standard in order to receive one.
The 2k and 6k Erg scores are a good basis that college coaches use in order to initially judge the student-athlete and therefore to even be considered a good prospect, high school students need to be achieving these times for division one.
  • Men 2K time (6:40)
  • Men 6K time (21:00)
  • Lighweight Men 2K time (7:00) 
  • Lighweight Men 6K time (22:00)

Womens College Rowing Scholarships

Womens rowing is an NCAA sport, which means that there are more rowing scholarships available than for the men. In the NCAA Division one there are curently 81 colleges that offer rowing programs and they are typically able to offer their student athletes 20 full athletic scholarships to spread out amongst its team, with amounts ranging from a full 100% to 25% in financial aid.
The National Championships consists of colleges entering two eight-oared shells and one four-oared shell and it is restricted to 16 colleges. Four other colleges are selected to enter a eight-oared shells tournament.
To be considered as a realistic candidate for a womens rowing scholarship in the USA at division one, students must be achieving the following Erg scores:
  • Womens 2K time (7:40)
  • Womens 6K time (24:00)
  • Womens lightweight 2K (8:00)
  • Womens lightweight 6K (25:00)
The NCAA division two colleges are also able to offer 20 full rowing scholarships to its student-athletes and the competition to be awarded one of these is just as fierce, with the following Erg scores being the minimum requirement in order to be considered.
  • Womens 2K time (8:00)
  • Womens 6K time (25:00)
  • Womens lightweight 2K (8:20)
  • Womens lightweight 6K (27:00)

Academic scholarships are also a realistic option for both mens and womens crew members if their academic high school grades are strong.  Please contact one of our Play Atlantic recruitment coordinators if you would like some advice on this area.