Equestrian Scholarship to USA

College equestrian scholarships in the USA are very popular around the world because as well as earning a world class degree it also provides student-athletes with a positive opportunity to develop both physically and mentally in a team environment over the course of four years.  After high school graduation the next step is always extremely tough, so having this option to study, train, compete and develop is a fantastic pathway for those fortunate enough to be able to pursue it.  

Equestrian scholarship opportunities vary considerably depending on each players athletic and academic ability, with the student-athletes that have the better ranking/results (nationally and internationally) and have maintained higher academic grades receiving the larger equestrian scholarship offers from college coaches.  Unfortunately there are no NCAA mens equestrian scholarship teams, it is one of the few sports that is womens only, where by colleges can offer up to 15 full athletic scholarships per team.  

As well as the athletic scholarships that are available at colleges/universities if the student-athlete has good academic grades it may also be possible to receive an academic scholarship as well to help with the families financial commitment.  Please contact one of our Play Atlantic recruitment coordinators if you would like some advice on this area.