Field Hockey Scholarship to USA

Field hockey scholarships in the USA are an excellent way for student-athletes to continue developing in their sport whilst studying and earning a world class education.  As a result field hockey scholarships are very popular amongst students from around the world because they give the student and her family a significant financial contribution over the course of a four year degree.  Not only will a scholarship help with the financial commitment of a college education, but it will also provide the student with the opportunity to train within the very best facilities, compete against some of the best hockey players in the world and all whilst traveling across America.  So all in all a fantastic pathway for those fortunate enough to be able to pursue it!

field hockey scholarship use

USA field hockey scholarship opportunities vary considerably based on each students athletic and academic ability.  To receive a scholarship student-athletes must possess a combination of a successful hockey history with the teams that they have played for and a high ranking/results (nationally and/or internationally) so that college coaches can make an accurate evaluate on them.   Plus they must have maintained strong academic grades because it is this combination of athletic skill and academic results that the coach will usually use in terms of sources for their financial aid and therefore take into consideration when considering offering a scholarship.

Unfortunately there are no NCAA mens field hockey scholarship teams, it is one of the few sports that is womens only, with the mens being currently a club college sport only.

There are currently 78 NCAA division one college programs that offer field hockey and they are typically able to offer up to 12 full hockey scholarships per team to spread out amongst its squad.  

Within the NCAA division two there are currently 25 field hockey programs, which are able to offer 6.3 full hockey scholarships per squad.

Unfortunately field hockey is not at the moment an NAIA or NJCAA scholarship sport, which means that there are not many scholarship opportunities available to student athletes. So any interested students that wish to make the USA their destination of choice must make sure they are as attractive as possible to college coaches so they stand out from the rest of their student competition.

As well as the hockey scholarships that are available at colleges if the student-athlete has good academic grades it may also be possible to receive an academic scholarship as well to help with the families financial commitment.  Please contact us if you would like some advice on this area.