Volleyball Scholarship to USA

College volleyball scholarships to the USA are a fantastic pathway for high school student athletes to consider because as well as being able to receive significant financial assistance they also allow you to earn a world class education.

The opportunity to train, compete, study and travel across America is however a very sort after and in demand option for students from around the world, but for those good enough to pursue it it is an incredible step to be able to take after high school graduation.

volleyball scholarship usa

Volleyball scholarship opportunities vary considerably depending on each students athletic and academic ability, with the student-athletes that have the better ranking/results (nationally and internationally) and have maintained the higher academic grades receiving the larger volleyball scholarship offers from college coaches.  

Mens College Volleyball Scholarships 

Mens college volleyball is played in the spring semester and scholarships are unfortunately very hard to find because there are so few sponsored programs across the country.  It is an equivalency sport, which means that the coach can spread the total amount of scholarship funding out amongst his squad as much as he wants to, which means receiving a full scholarship is not likely.

in the NCAA Division one there are currently only 25 college programs, with each being able to offer up to 4.5 volleyball scholarships per team, with amounts typically ranging from 25-75% in financial aid.  

The NCAA Division two only have 10 college volleyball programs and just like the division one, they can also offer up to 4.5 scholarships to spread out amongst its squad.

Like most volleyball teams around the world, mens college volleyball coaches are looking for students with good physical size, a high jumping capacity and experience on a national and/or international stage.

Womens College Volleyball Scholarships

Womens college volleyball is played in the fall semester and in the NCAA Division one it is what is reffered to as a 'Head Count' sport, which means that all the scholarships that are offered by college coaches are full scholarships.  

Due to the Title IX rule in college sport there is more financial aid available for womens volleyball programs, with there currently being 327 NCAA division one teams with coaches often having 12 full volleyball scholarships available to them. 

In the NCAA Division two there are currently 271 programs, with each able to offer a maximum of 8 full scholarships.

Womens volleyball is also very popular among colleges that compete with in the NAIA, with 243 college programs across the US being able to offer 8 full scholarships per squad.

Even the NJCAA have 241 womens volleyball programs, with 91 of those competing in the NJCAA Division one and therefore able to offer full scholarships. The other 150 that play in the NJCAA Division two are able to offer scholarships to cover tuition, fees and books only. However there are 14 full volleyball scholarships available in both divisions, so if you are a female volleyball player there are certainly many different options available to you to fit your current athletic and academic level. These scholarships though are limited for international students since August 2012, with only 25% of the team being allowed to be from outside of the USA.

As well as the athletic scholarships that are available at colleges, if the student-athlete has good academic grades it may also be possible to receive an academic scholarship as well to help with the families financial commitment.  Please contact one of our Play Atlantic recruitment coordinators if you would like some advice on this area.