Water Polo Scholarship to USA

Water Polo scholarships to the USA are an incredible opportunity that enables high school students to continue developing their water polo skills, training and competing against  some of the very best players in the world at the same time as earning a college degree.

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Water Polo is a very popular sport in America, where they consistently rank amongst the very best at every Olympic games. In fact a large number of the top college teams are made up of Olympic players from countries across the globe, so the standard at the top is fierce.  

College water polo has always been a great pathway for its players from within the USA and internationally because as well as earning a world class degree it also provides student-athletes with a positive team environment to develop both physically and mentally over the course of four years.  So when coupled with a water polo scholarship that could potentially contribute a significant amount financially to the students tuition and other related fees, it is little wonder why they are so sort after. 

Collegiate water polo does however receive significantly less financial funding than some of the other sports played in the US, with competitive opportunities being from within either a varsity or club network.  The varisty teams play within the NCAA's three different divisions and there are even a couple from within the NAIA, but with only just over 40 mens programs and 60 womens, finding a water polo scholarship is no easy task.

College coaches are often looking for a combination of good academic grades and a proven track record in the pool and it is this balance of the two that they base any scholarship offers on.  

Mens Water Polo Scholarships

Of the 40 mens college programs there are currently 25 varisty ones that provide water polo scholarships and of those not all will offer the maximum amount of financial aid that the NCAA stipulates, which is 4.5 full athletic scholarships per team to spread out amongst its squads, with amounts typically ranging from a full 100% to 25% in financial aid.  

Womens Water Polo Scholarships

For the female student athletes there are more water polo opportunities available due to the Title IX rule in college sport, with NCAA programs able to offer 8 full athletic scholarships per team.

Due to the limited athletic scholarships available to the college coaches they will often split what aid they have throughout the squad, so finding a 'full ride' from this alone is extremely difficult.   However as well as the water polo scholarships that are available at colleges, if the student-athlete has good academic grades applying for an academic scholarship is a great alternative or addition as well as any athletic aid, as the colleges have much more financial means at their disposal for this.  Please contact one of our Play Atlantic recruitment coordinators if you would like some advice on this area.