College Sports Scholarships USA

The university education structure in the USA is a well established system that caters for a large and diverse student body from around the world.  It provides massive college sports scholarship opportunities for students graduating high school to progress into a world class university institution and continue with their development in their chosen field.

The education system has over 4,000 universities and colleges throughout the country, offering a wide range of Sport, Academic, Performing Arts and Visual Arts scholarship opportunties to aspiring students both domestic and international.

What college sports scholarships can we help you with?

There are over 150,000 sport scholarships that go to college student-athletes from all around the world, which amounts to more than a billion US dollars each year being spent by colleges on sports scholarships alone.   This gives incredible opportunities to student-athletes of varying academic and athletic levels, who all have the chance to study, compete and receive financial aid whilst continuing to develop and excel in their chosen sport.

We have listed for you below all of the sports that we currently help students with. Please click on your relevant sport for more information, but also take the time to read through our article on ALL of the costs involved in a college sports scholarship here as well, because it gives you a lot of details on the costs involved for students before and after college enrollment.

We have helped over four hundred student-athletes since we was established in 2003 and we pride ourselves on being able to help you find a sports scholarship in the following fields:

The governing bodies (NCAA, NJCAA and NAIA) set the exact coverage of the student-athletes scholarship package that they can receive from universities, which can include their tuition, fees, room and board and course-related study books and the amount of this is solely dependent on the individual institution offering the award.  

Every scholarship awarded is reviewed on a year by year basis (in most cases) throughout the four years and student-athletes should always be aware that both their athletic and academic performance will have a direct effect on the amount they are given each year. The sports programs at universities are extremely professional and competitive, so performance in these two fields is crucial to every student-athletes success, which is a fact that is often over looked by student-athletes especially in their freshman year.

With college sport scholarships being such a highly valued asset, the problem for student-athletes is the fierce competition for them from students worldwide. This leads to college coaches receiving hundreds of emails daily from prospective new recruits, many of which have no great distinction between one another.  Whilst it is an incredible opportunity for high school student-athletes to pursue, it is not an easy journey and being awarded a sport scholarship at a good university can be an extremely difficult process, even for those with the right academic and athletic skills.

Academic / Performing Arts / Visual Arts Scholarships

There are thousands of universities in the USA that offer its students scholarships based on specific set criteria laid out by each individual institution.  If the student has good academic grades and/or can perform their set discipline to a high level then there is a very good chance that we can help them find a financial package at a university that is the right fit for them.  For further information please go to our Academic Scholarship section.